The Market is a way of life in France. Though there are traditional markets as we know them, there is typically an outdoor marche at least once and usually twice a week. Ready for a locals Adventure? Depending on the time and day of the week, and your desires, we will visit 2-3 markets and compare the differences that make the Paris marché a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.


I will meet you at a central location depending on what we decide are the perfect Marchés for your exploration. If you are staying close to a location we will visit, I will do a hotel pick up on foot/Metro.


Ready for a locals Adventure? Depending on the time and day of the week, we will visit 2-3 markets and compare the differences that make the Paris Marché a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

While the majority of Marchés offer produce and prepared foods, some are more unique and have antiques and gourmet delights. Like the word "Bonjour," "Marché," it has several meanings. We will explore a few varieties of my favorite ones that will become yours too!


Saturday thru Monday you have the ability to visit the best real Flea Markets in Paris, it is an option for serious shoppers. This is a unique experience that should be done at least once in a  lifetime. These are the "A-Ticket" tour day and the longest shopping day we can share. There are shorter versions available all other days of the week, and will not disappoint, you'll still get that local vibe.


Market life starts early, and better not to eat breakfast because there are always wonderful things to enjoy. We will end the Marche experience in a Market meant for eating and by that time; you should be ready for a glass of wine if I have done my job right! I will leave you in a good general area to enjoy lunch or the next adventure on your bucket list. Of course, if you need a little rest, I'll be happy to escort you to your hotel.​


This tour is 2 hours at a minimum and can be a full-day experience. Imagine sitting in the middle of a flea market listening to music in a cafe contemplating where to go back and get those items that you saw that are haunting you!


Rate is adjusted depending on the number of markets and time we spend. I don't recommend more than 6 people on this tour. Good walking shoes are always a must!


Couples with aa sense of adventure will want to explore the flea markets outside of town. ask me more!

Marche Madness