We will started at the Palais Royal in the heart of the city. We will stop to see the most Instagrammed spots in Paris before continuing on thru the arcades to Galerie Vero-Dodat that used to open up to the European Stagecoaches. 

At Galerie Colbert we can hope to catch one of their famous concerts and even pass thru the little secret Passage des 2 pavillons.

After the first few covered passages, we will  take a quick walk to the beautifully tiled floors of Galerie Vivienne, with the high glass ceilings we continue thru and  will pass in the old Bourse (stock Exchange) on our way to the Passage des Panoramas. You'll want to come back for lunch when we finish!

Following the tasty passage treats you will see the entertaining Passage Jouffroy who shares walls with Musee Grevin and still houses a historic hotel were more than just a famous composer lived. We will continue passed the toys and canes to Passage Verdeau. 

leaving you here to contemplate re visiting any passage that held special appeal or walk to Gallery Layettes for a different kind of shopping!

Charm and Secrets of Paris Passages