Topping most Parisian travelers Bucket Lists is the cafe experience.  This common daily life activity is not just an experience but a right in France. Drink in a wicker chair as the streets become a runway for your imagination.


This Holiday Tour is designed to make that dream a reality. After rushing from Museum to Monument and fulfilling your sightseeing duties,  you can enjoy the Christmas Markets and cobblestone streets straight out of the movies.


Each customized tour of the unique Quartiers offering other rich historical significance and gourmet treats. Drink a real café, hot chocolate, vin chaud, Champagne, wine, and local craft beers. There is something for everyone on this thirst-quenching tour.


If you can't make it to Paris this Holiday season, be assured you can purchase a tour for a loved one!


NOTE: I am working on a summer tour as well. send an email for more infomation.

Café Life: Potions in Paris

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€150.00Sale Price