10 Off the Beaten Path Paris Musts

While eager to share the good news about us celebrating our first full year in business, Our Lady of Paris saddened the world's hearts as she was engulfed in flames. Thanks to the outpouring of compassion and funding, money was raised and the competition for designs has already commenced. 

Gearing up for your trip is easier when reading some of the Tips and Tricks listed on my website, I am offering a handy dandy sample itinerary to each of the site subscribers until May 31st. Use the code 297 for a 10% discount on your next tour or gift certificate. Why 297? Because that's our new ranking on Tripadvisor.

Now is the best time to plan your first or next visit to Paris. Good news is that we are here to personalize your tour and guide you to the best destinations matching your interests. Listed below are 10 of the hot spots that are my "Off The Beaten Path" faves...So; on with the show, let’s see what the next year has in store for us all.

1. L'As du Falafel

34 Rue des Rosiers, Paris 75004

My favorite meal to share and budget friendly. Besides being a food sensitive travelers' safe haven, it’s just really good Falafel. Here’s the scoop. There are two lines when facing the entry. To the right are mostly locals who don't eat standing against the walls of Les Marais. Never as long of a wait as the other line, why not get a table and rest your feet a bit. There is a small sister location down the street for really savvy eaters.

2.Terres de Café

several locations

I am their personal stalker. With six current locations, you have to pay attention, because they are growing fast and addresses are changing constantly. The coffee remains the same and is clearly the best java in town. They have a brew of the day and beans from 12 different countries for sale. They boast organic, heirloom projects and forest coffees as well. The uncomfortable seating is there to discourage you from staying long; but it’s worth it, to enjoy this superior beverage.

3. Candelaria

52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris

One of the things I miss living in France is Mexican food. I got spoiled in California and the French are not fans of things spicy. The best part of this taco shop is that you can walk past the open kitchen to a door that will leads you to my favorite speakeasy in the city. The modern crafted cocktails with a laid back vibe make scoring a table a treat. Lowlights and artistic menus are outshined by the agave based beverages. Most of us have that “I don’t drink that stories,” and Tequila is mine. Surprisingly, the mixology of these libations is done so well, you would never know what’s in it besides yumminess. I like to call this, ‘professional development.’

4. Chez Sarah "Vêtements & Accessoires Anciens et de Luxe"

18 Rue Jules Vallès, 93400 Saint-Ouen

Most ladies dream of a shopping spree in Paris. There is a variety of places to hunt for your treasures. From thrift store that sell by the weight, to high end boutiques that cost more than your entire trip, you deserve something special. My dream purchases come from this vintage clothing treasure trove on the edge of town. They have something for everyone.

5. Aligre Market

Rue d'Aligre, 75012 Paris

It goes by a couple of names, and it is not just one marché, but 3 types rolled into one location. Open 6 days a week from 9am to 1pm, this is a spot to wander. Levis for $5 in the flea market style marché, and Parisian beer at the end of a cheese stand. The indoor market hosts baked delights and entire roasted pigs. While the outdoor market has an impressive number of bio/organic produce stands. Walk between the calls of 'une euro,' to get the customers to steer clear of the competition. You can't help but smile, and enjoy being in the moment.

6. Aux Merveilleux de Fred

94 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris

Meringue biscuits so light they evaporate as they touch your tongue, covered with the lightest whipped cream you ever imagined and held together by a delicate layer of shaved chocolate. Sounds good? Multiply it by 6, because there are that many different flavor variations. Each rightfully have a unique name, since the flavors are vastly different. The ‘Incroyable’ is speculoos (think ginger snap) flavored with white chocolate while their namesake, Merveilleux is a chocolate over chocolate straightforward classic. Check out my Instagram to see a video of them making the bite sized delights into cakes.

7. Le Picolo Café

58 rue jules valles

Saint-Ouen, Ile-De-France, France

On my perfect Sunday, I am sitting on the terrace of this Brasserie. It is as close to Nirvana as one could get in what technically is considered a suburb. Take part in the treasures hunt in the Puces, before you stop to contemplate going back for one more good deal. When you don't think it can get any better, it does with another familiar song played by live musicians. I'm always tempted by the various dishes that pass by, but I'm usually too happy with my beer and the view. The parade of weekend shoppers is a wonderful parade to see from my wicker chair.

8. Gallery of Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy

2 Rue Buffon

Jardin des Plantes

Bones are cool. This is one of my favorite museums to visit. They have everything from a woolly Mammoth to a the evolution of humans. It is fascinating and not just for kids. With the admission you get a discount to all the other museums in the Jardin as well. The Grand Mosque next to the park is wonderful for sweets and tea while feeling a bit like Indiana Jones.

9. CityPharma

26 Rue Du Four

75006 Paris

Not just for the ladies, but this pharmacy/drugstore/cosmetic heaven is always packed. All Parisians know it, and I admit that it is a guilty pleasure of mine to make a trip over for just a ‘few things.’ They have plenty of your favorite brands at better prices than the rest of the city. Just be prepared to leave the men outside. It gets pretty packed in there. Not open Sundays, so plan ahead.

10. Boulangerie Julien

85 Rue Saint-Dominique

75007 Paris

There are several golden wreaths displayed on the windows which indicate having won awards for various baked delights. There isn’t a category for the ‘Ficelles aux lardons et gruyère,’ but they would win for sure. Basically an oversized breadstick covered in cheese and bacon. It's good enough to eat it cold, or they will heat it up. It never makes it home, because it is to mouth watering to wait. Close enough to grab for your the Eiffel Tower picnic, and located in an arrondissement that has the most Michelin stars in the city, this little jewel of a bakery will not disappoint.

None of these 'Off the Beaten Path,' spots are secrets, but they are some of my favorites. I’m happy to share them and more with you. In celebrating the first successful year of business, I am branching out by adding new concierge service to help you with planning from lodging to dining. I would love for you to contact me today to start planning your adventure. I look forward to your next visit to the City of Lights and until then, À Bientô!


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