The Great Paris Layover Tour

The Great Paris Layover Tour is best booked for your first full day in the city to give you a good overview for your trip. Perfect for the traveler going between two cities and wanting a chance to see Paris in a day, before jetting off to their next destination.

A good amount of walking can be edited for folks suffering jet lag, but families with small children are encouraged to think twice before booking this full 4-6 hour day.  It’s ideal for active couples, and small groups, I will meet you at your lodging or airport at the prearranged time and guide you on the second largest public transport system in the world.

By the time you’re on your own, you’ll be an expert navigator and know all the spots that need to be explored further. I will leave you in the Heart of the City with enough time to enjoy a drink before dinner, or I’ll happily direct you back to your lodging to relax before a big night on the town. I will happily customize the tour to your desires and eliminate or add special places you don’t want to miss.

Together we can discuss your other plans so that I can better guide you along the day as to how to make those other events go even smoother. We will have a chance to try some local food on the go, so have a few Euros handy or a debit card for souvenirs.

Don’t forget to wear good shoes. We will be climbing and trekking various paths, stairs, gardens and cobblestone streets.

Heres some highlights: Eiffel Tower,  Arch de Triumph, Champs Elysées, Place de Concord,  Notre Dame, Palais de Justice, St. Chapelle, Conciergerie Pont Neuf, Pont des Arts, Louvre & the Arch de Triumph de Carousel and the Tuilerie Gardens.

The Heart Of The City Tour

This is the perfect tour for your first day in the city. Not too short, not too long, but just right. Get a great overview in The Heart of The City so that you can enjoy a nice dinner before conquering that jet lag so you’re ready to hit the pavement running on your following day.

City secrets are not safe from me. I love sharing these little treasures. As we walk by these often overlooked historic spots, I can point out the little locations that make great memories. It is easy to fall in love with the beauty and not remember that kings and revolutions occupied the same streets you are walking.

Besides the secrets of Notre Dame, I want to show you what else surrounds you on Isle d la Cité. We will see Gargoyles, Saints and Kings before we cross over to the Left Bank, famous home to Artists past and future.

The differences between the two banks will be shared along with the foundation of the city and Europe’s oldest school. The Left Bank has so much to offer including gardens and the oldest tree which is from….You guessed it…CALIFORNIA!

The  Artist soul in all of us will love the stories and especially the gourmet spots we will pass. These real streets that have not changed since the Middle Ages. No wonder Midnight in Paris was filmed here! We will see the haunts for some of your favorite authors and musicians who have captured our imaginations.

The Soul Of The City Tour

While The Heart of the City lies on the Isle de Cité, The soul is present in Montmartre. Almost all Parisians have at one time or another lived on “the hill”. It still maintains that characteristic charm of a small village with cobblestone streets and even smaller public buses to adapt to the small winding roads.

Learn more about the artist that lived  in the area while exploring the sites .We will see The Moulin Rouge, Café des 2 Moulin, The famous  Love Wall, Vignes du Clos Montmartre, La Maison Rose, Montmartre Artist Village,  Sacré Coeur.

Hear tales of Dalida, Saint Denis, Jaon of Arc  and Saint Louis. See artists in action in the village that Parisians and guests both love.

This is a 2 Hour walking tour. Good walking shoes are a must. Don’t be discouraged by the fact we will climb the biggest hill in Paris, we will go slow  and  take breaks. Getting to the top will be rewarded by one of the best views that Paris has to offer.

This is also a great gift for loved ones coming to visit. This area  is  popular for  returning visitors as it is slightly off the beaten path hidden by the other major monuments.

Along the way, I’ll share tips and tricks to navigate the city and conquer your bucket list including indulgent food conquests. Let’s make the most of your visit!

The Marche Madness Tour

The Market is a way of life in France. Though there are traditional markets as we know them, there is typically an outdoor marché usually twice a week.

Ready for a locals’ adventure? Depending on the time and day of the week, and your desires, we will visit 2-3 markets and compare the differences that make the Paris marché a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

I will meet you at your hotel or a central location depending on what  we have planned for your exploration. I will then lead you by foot or Metro to our starting point.

While the majority of Marchés offer meats, cheese, produce and prepared foods, some are more unique and have antiques and souvenirs and more. Like the word “Bonjour,” the word “Marché,” has several meanings. We will explore a few varieties of my favorite spots that may become yours too!

Saturday and Sunday you have the ability to visit the best antique Flea Markets in town, Les Puces! Which is an excellent option for serious shoppers and collectors. This is a unique experience that should be done at least once in a  lifetime and is ideal for the seasoned Paris visitor.

Market life starts early, and it’s better not to eat breakfast because there are always wonderful things to enjoy. We will end the Marché experience in an area meant for eating and by that time; you should be ready for a glass of wine (if I have done my job right)! I will leave you in a good general area to enjoy lunch or the next adventure on your bucket list.

This tour is 2 hours but can be a full-day experience if you choose. Imagine sitting in the middle of the Marché with a glass of rosé, listening to live music, and contemplating which treasures to go back for!

The Foodies In The Fifth Tour

The Latin Quarter offers visitors a  different view of Paris, it is the oldest area hosting Medieval buildings and even a Roman colosseum. The Oldest school in Europe influences the student-filled streets and museums.

We will start at the Jardin des Plantes and make our way to our first stop at the Grand Mosque of Paris to sip on mint tea and sweet treats like Turkish delight. After which we will enjoy a short walk around the 5th arrondissement to Rue de Mouffetard.
As we wind our way up the famous street we will have the chance to try other sweet treats from famous bakers to humble crepe makers. You’ll sip at a café in the location where musketeers used to fight, before seeing both Hemmingway and Joyes’ old haunts.
Passing the great wall of the city we will make our way to the famous Pantheon where we will end the tour just a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg gardens where you can digest some of the treats we shared.
A wonderful way to see another part of the city. The prices are adjusted according to the number of people in a group, As always we customize the private tours to your desires.

The Great Paris Passages Tour

Frequent travelers to Paris will truly enjoy this off the beaten path tour that  offers a glimpse of Paris in the 1800’s with the passages that were copied throughout europe.

We will start at the Palais Royal a stone’s throw from the Louvre. We will stop to see the most Instagrammed spots in Paris before continuing past Emily in Paris locations as we enter  the arcades to Galerie Vero-Dodat that used to open up to the European Stagecoaches.

SWe will even pass through the smallest passage of Paris, the little secret Passage des 2 pavilions, just  opposite the home of the famous writer and actress Colette.

After the first few covered passages, we will  take a quick walk to the beautifully tiled floors of Galerie Vivienne, with the high glass ceilings we continue through and  will pass in the Old Bourse (Stock Exchange) on our way to the Passage des Panoramas. You’ll want to come back for lunch when we finish!

Following the tempting passage treats you will see the entertaining Passage Jouffroy that shares walls with Museé Grevin and still houses the historic Chopin Hotel where more than just a famous composer lived. We will continue to pass the toys and canes to Passage Verdeau.

I’ll be leaving you there to contemplate revisiting any passage that held special appeal or simply take the road a  short walk to Gallery Layettes and a different kind of shopping!