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Flea Market Fun with Wine, Dine and Travel

Not only do we love running our tours, meeting all sorts of amazing people and showing them the less touristy side of Paris, we also feel very honored when they choose to write a whole article about us and the great time they’ve had.  Check out the blog about our Paris Flea Market Tours at…

Wine, Dine & Travel Magazine

Our very own Allison Isambert was asked to contribute to a new series within “Wine, Dine and Travel” Magazine: Paris Insider. Check it out

6 things NOT to like about Paris: and how to deal with it

There is a legitimate thing called Paris Syndrome. It affects mostly visitors from Asia and basically is the sense of disappointment by some guests when visiting Paris. When they realize that the city is not what they had expected, they go into a depression. As I hate to see anyone disappointed, I thought that maybe…